Established in 2002, Dance Unlimited (DU) Amsterdam is a unique two-year post-graduate program supporting the practical and theoretical study of the relationship between choreography, performance, and new media/ emerging technologies.

The program takes as its starting point the development of strong and sophisticated choreographic work from which to extend and test the boundaries of choreographic practice, application and thought. New media/ emerging technologies are approached from this perspective with an emphasis on representation and perception of the body in physical and mediated spaces. Theoretical and critical reflection is used as a means to challenge and support the practical work.

The program combines traditional and innovative approaches including lectures, training sessions and workshops, individual study and peer-to-peer contexts for discussion and debate, the development of documentation strategies and practical studio based research.


At the core of the curriculum are a series of hands-on training sessions in a range of technologies, from digital video to interactive real time performance tools, which overlap with intensive choreography workshops. This approach develops a sensitivity toward forms arising from the interplay between technology and choreographic practice. With this core sensibility as a point of departure, students develop their own approach to practice based research and the making of artwork in a variety of formats and contexts. Student projects may involve varying degrees of collaboration.


The program does not provide sustained training in complex hardware and software. The student is expected to come with a certain level of experience with the media they wish to explore and/ or be prepared to pursue a self-teaching path. The staff of the DU Amsterdam program are experienced in advising and supporting students in establishing, where appropriate, effective collaborative connections with a range of new media technology partner organizations both in the Netherlands and abroad (e.g. Essexdance, UK; Waag Society and Montevideo, Amsterdam).

DU Amsterdam accepts only five new students every two years, and this means access to facilities and staff is optimal. The program has its own rehearsal and computer studios and access throughout the year to some of the largest performance spaces in the Theaterschool building.

Elsewhere in Amsterdam there are several venues with which the program has a special relation and can assist students in showing their work in a wider public context.

FOR 2004-2006

We are looking for artists with a solid educational and professional dance background who wish to engage in a study of the relationship between choreography, performance, and new media/ emerging technologies. However, we recognize that in areas of arts practice involving emerging technologies such as wearables, robotics, and other non screen based technologies, an interest in movement and choreography may have come into play. As we are engaged in such overlaps, we would consider an application for 2004-2006 from someone with this background who can give strong reasons for wishing to participate in a program that takes the choreographic mind/ body as its starting point and would be prepared to immerse oneself in collaborations with the other students who will have choreography and dance as their primary artistic practice.

DU Amsterdam staff: Jeroen Fabius (coordinator), Susan Rethorst, Scott deLahunta, Sher Doruff

DU Amsterdam is part of an overall program providing advanced study in choreography in the Netherlands in collaboration with the Dance Academies of Rotterdam and Arnhem. More general information about Dance Unlimited and Registration Forms are available on this website:

The program is ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS NOW for September 2004. The application Deadline is 15 January 2004.

To receive a copy of last year's syllabus, or if you have any questions pertaining to DU Amsterdam, e.g. application deadlines, etc. please contact Jeroen Fabius:

tel: +31 20 527 7647
fax: +31 20 527 7642