An initiative of Dance Unlimited Amsterdam, the COLLAB LAB was an intensive 8 day [from 19-26 Feb 2005] interdisciplinary project bringing together artists representing several media arts institutes in Holland, two dance institutes in Holland and one in the UK to explore the terrain between interactive media arts, digital and sound art, choreography, theatre and live arts practices. The LAB took place at the Theaterschool, Amsterdam School of the Arts.

The original aims of the initiative were:

  1. to establish the conditions for choreography and media art students to explore interdisciplinary collaborative working processes (the original invitations were to post-graduate students but the final group include bachelor students and artists who had just completed their studies).
  2. to place the emphasis on collaboration: getting together and working in small groups, making things quickly, showing and discussing them.

On these webpages you will find a list of participants, themes, schedule (work-flow and facilities) and reflection which will include some post-project analysis and documentation. There is a page with 44 images from the LAB, and under network and thanks you will find the list of institutions and individuals who were instrumental in making the COLLAB LAB possible.

The inspiration and ideas for the setting up of the COLLAB LAB in Amsterdam came from a project Nik Haffner (co-facilitator of the COLLAB LAB) organised in Vienna 20th-31st October 2003. Titled 'now you can have the body you (n)ever wanted', the Vienna project involved 18 artists from the fields of dance/choreography and media-art coming together to explore interdisciplinary practice through collaboration. The aim of the project was to be "an open source for everyone involved - to meet, to connect through the work and to give and gain inspiration", and it took place in the dance studios of (Tanzquartier Wien) and the Universität für Angewandte Kunst (University of Applied Arts) in Vienna (some documentation can be found here).

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