Participants (representing):

The intro/ images links below include the short biographies the artists were invited to share with each other via an email list in the weeks before the project started. The images were made during the LAB by Andra Perrin.

  • Katrina Brown intro/ image (dance unlimited amsterdam)
  • Chris Clow intro/ image (laban london)
  • Melissa Coleman intro/ image (media technology masters leiden university)
  • Amy Cox intro/ image (dance unlimited amsterdam)
  • Sharona Florsheim intro/ image (dance unlimited arnhem)
  • Anne Gentenaar intro/ image (netherlands film and tv academy)
  • Neda Georgieva intro/ image (netherlands film and tv academy)
  • Tsila Hassine intro/ image (piet zwart media design)
  • Nicola Hepp intro/ image (dance unlimited amsterdam)
  • Georg Hobmeier intro/ image (dance unlimited amsterdam)
  • Lara de Kok intro/ image (theatre and games design utrecht school for the arts)
  • Anne Parlevliet intro/ image (master of media and technology arts hilversum)
  • Alejandra María Pérez Núñez intro/ image (piet zwart media design)
  • Wolfgang Reitberger intro/ image (ict&s-center salzburg)
  • Henry Vega intro/ image (sonic arts research center belfast/ institute of sonology den hague)
  • Phil Winterhalder intro/ image (laban london)

Facilitators, support, documenters:

  • Scott deLahunta and Nik Haffner - co-facilitators
  • Dave Krooshof and Alex Schaub - theaterschool technical support/ participants
  • Tosja Zuyderhoff - theaterschool lighting support
  • Andra Perrin - photographer
  • Jeroen Fabius - director Dance Unlimited Amsterdam