Nik and Scott

Scott and Nik food shopping.

Jumbled Wires

Schedule/ Work-Flow/ Facilities:

The emphasis of the LAB was on collaborative process: getting together and working in small groups, making things quickly, showing and discussing them. The following is a diagram of the scheduling of activities that gives an indication of how we organised this. Each morning started at 10 am. The ending time of each day varied, but was generally around 6 pm with option for some to continue working until 11 pm (after Sunday).

The following short glossary applies to the diagram:

  • 10 minute introductions: an opportunity for each participant to present one or two elements of previous work to the group.
  • lunch in-house: prepared by different members of the group each day for everyone/ facilitating informal conversation and camaraderie.
  • glimpses: moments in the day when the group would gather to look at work the smaller groups had just been making/ showing sketches and "unfinished" things was encouraged here.

Facilities/ Equipment: two dedicated spaces in the Theaterschool (one large and one smaller studio) and a small number of tv monitors, projectors, cameras, speakers/ mixing desk and four computers were provided. High-speed internet was available in the studios, and we used simple lighting; some set areas and some moveable stands. Through Dave Krooshof we had access to the Theaterschool sound studio; and Alex Schaub and he provided continuous tech support on many fronts. Many of the participants brought their own computers and software. Nothing special was purchased for the LAB.

SA 19/2 - initial meeting followed by moving and sensing sessions designed by Nik
- made four groups of 4 and had tour of building
- lunch in-house
- groups broke to discuss the themes (list one)
- dinner together (all other evenings dinner not organised as a group activity)
SU 20/2 - 10 min intros
- four groups working one hour to make something
- lunch in-house
- end of day glimpses and some discussion / had to leave 5 pm for building to close for Sunday night (short day)
MO 21/2 - 10 min intros
- changed groups/ assignment to work outside area of expertise
- lunch in-house and kept working
- end of day glimpses and talked after
- now building is open until 11 -- some start to stay later
TU 22/2 - 10 min intros followed by discussion about themes (list two)
- organised into new groups/ started working
- lunch in-house
- end of day glimpses and talked after
- something raw installation testing in evening for a few / some work until 11 pm
WE 23/2 - 10 min intros and worked
- groups pretty established and working dynamic good/ no changes
- practical discussion on sharing spaces / 3 main projects have emerged but smaller things and spontaneous regroupings encouraged
- something raw festival shows in evening for some / some work until 11 pm
TH 24/2 - 10 min intros and working
- lunch in-house
- just working no group glimpses today/ general desire expressed not to break the working rhythm
- something raw festival shows in evening for some / some work until 11 pm
FR 25/2 - no intros today
- lunch in-house
- just working no group glimpses today/ nik and scott and others visited each project iwth questions but allowing group as a whole to keep working
- something raw festival shows in evening for some / some work until 11 pm
SA 26/2 - preparations for guests to come for open house scheduled from noon to 2 pm
- noon to 2 pm showing and meeting with guests
- 2 to 3.30 pm looking at each other's work and short discussion/ formal close and break down
- party