Thanks To:

From the inter-institutional network for recommending and encouraging the right participants to take part:

  • Matthew Fuller (piet zwart media design)
  • Evert Hoogendoorn (theater and games design utrecht school for the arts)
  • Rens Machielse and Hans Timmermans (master of media and technology arts hilversum)
  • Herman Statius Muller and Andre Dragu (netherlands film and tv academy)
  • Joel Ryan (institute of sonology den hague)
  • Joao da Silva (dance unlimited arnhem)
  • Tony Thatcher (laban london)

For their wonderful technical support as well as direct participation in the lab:

  • Alex Schaub
  • Dave Krooshof

For providing excellent spaces, equipment and support as always:

  • Paul van der Ploeg
  • Tosja Zuyderhoff

For full support of the project from content to finance from within Dance Unlimited Amsterdam and the Dance Department of the Amsterdam School for the Arts:

  • Jeroen Fabius and Trude Cone